Korin Crawford

Executive Vice President
Korin Crawford

Korin Crawford is responsible for originating, evaluating, structuring, and closing public-private partnerships (P3s) for the Griffin Structures business unit. Korin leverages 18 years of experience in infrastructure, real estate, and M&A of property-backed operating businesses with an emphasis on Public-Private Partnerships and real estate transactions in complex regulatory environments.

Prior to joining Griffin Structures, Korin was an Executive Advisor to the Los Angeles City Administrative Officer (CAO) as a subject matter expert on infrastructure delivered through a variety of alternative financing methods including P3s. In this role, Korin spearheaded $3.5 billion of investment opportunities spanning municipal facilities, transit, renewable energy, and habitat restoration projects. Notable projects included the Los Angeles Convention Center, LA Civic Center, and Downtown Streetcar. Korin is a frequent speaker at national and international conferences on P3s, including the Dubai International Project Management Forum (DIPMF), the P3 Conference in Dallas, CityAge in Washington DC and Los Angeles, and P3 Hub West.

From 2006 to 2015, Korin led his own consulting and investment practice, offering advisory services to for-profit and non-profit real estate investors, developers, and public agencies (including utilities, ports, city/county, redevelopment, and school districts) to finance and develop land, real estate, renewable energy, and energy efficiency.

Mr. Crawford holds Master of Science degrees in Management and Electrical Engineering from Stanford University and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Duke University. He is a member of the Urban Land Institute, the Energy Execs of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and a Cleantech Institute Certified Cleantech Professional.