Orange County Great Park, a Project of Griffin and Nuquest

  • Former MCAS El Toro consists of 4,700 acres of land in the heart of Orange County, managed by the Department of the Navy and the GSA

  • The subject of much controversy in Orange County, pitting pro- and anti-airport foes against each other for the re-use of the property.

  • Griffin/Nuquest served as the City of Irvine’s fiduciary development advisor and negotiator to guide the City’s efforts to create one of the country’s largest urban parks in place of an airport plan.

  • Paired mutual interests of the Department of Navy, GSA and Irvine to create maximum property value through the entitlement of 3,500 homes, 3 million square feet of commercial development and “shared financial benefit” to allow for the development of the 1,200-acre Orange County Great Park without the use of tax payer dollars.

  • Secured over $600M in capitalization through development agreement fees, assessment district bonds and the formation of a redevelopment territory to deliver the park and infrastructure improvements to the residents of Orange County at no cost to existing taxpayers.

  • Aided the negotiated sale of the Property through the GSA by the Department of the Navy to Lennar for a total value of $650M.

  • Assisted the establishment of the Orange County Great Park Corporation, a non-profit entity, as the governance structure for the future management of development of the public portions of the Property.

  • Managed the Program Level EIR for the OC Great Park, negotiated the North Irvine Traffic Mitigation Program with the neighboring landowner the Irvine Company, managed the Great Park Specific Plan, negotiated the Disposition and Development Agreement with Lennar, directed the formation of a Community Facilities District, directed the formation of the Redevelopment Territory and negotiated a Tax Transfer Agreement with the County of Orange.